How can I look more flirty and approachable to men? Please read:(?

I'm 16 and I guess I'm a little guy shy. I've never had boyfriend I know pretty pathetic but no one wants to date a super tall girl at 5'11. I do find guys older than me attractive and I can pass for 18 or 19 so how can I look more approachable and appealing to men.


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  • Well super-tall I like the unusual question. I'm 5 ft 8 and 31 years old but your height wouldn't put me off personally. Men usually find it difficult to accept a girl being taller, it goes against the ego. At 16 you don't need to rush! It sounds like you want romance but you feel you are "supposed" to be in a relationship. There are tons and tons of men out there. Your main choice is to choose a nice guy whatever his dimensions and not get too hung up on your height. Yes you can pass for 19 but enjoy being 16! How to look more appealing is a silly question as everyone is appealing but sometimes you need to let fate guide you and not rush. Are you still in school? Do you have a part time job? Tell me more. Dan

    • Yes I'm gonna be a sophomore and no I don't have a job I'm not allowed lol. I guess bball is like my job

    • You knew your question would attract a million "clever" answers but ignore them. I know what you are really asking. You are asking is there HOPE for you being tall that you will have a boyfriend. The answer is YES! But as I said, enjoy being 16. Life will change so much over the next 2 years that you won't feel or think the same once you make your own choices in the general world. You say "not allowed" to having a job, well you have either very caring parents or over-controlling ones.

    • Well my parents are divorced and I don't see my dad much but I don't know I just feel kinda left out I guess cause my friends talk about their bfs


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  • men are forbidden for you until you are legal

  • I'm 6'6"

    • ;) I like guys that tall but do they like taller girls? Or would it be awkward for you to date someone who's 5'2? And guys my age aren't that tall

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    • Go not anonymous and we can be friends

    • Alright

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  • no no you are not pathetic lol boyfriends are over rated be single for as long as you can. don't get me wrong having a boyfriend can be great but trust me you would much rather have fun and be single now while your young then deal with immature guys that WILL waste your time. most of them usually just want one thing and they don't like committing. don't make getting a boyfriend be your # one goal either I did that when I was young and I regretted it. focus on having fun and doing good in school so you can get somewhere in life because guys will ALWAYS be there. your wrong about the super tall thing too..did you know that all models are at least 5'11 and taller. guys sometimes can be intimidated by tall girls so they go for the short ones. be confident in yourself guys find that attractive, being shy isn't a bad thing it makes you more mysterious to a guy but always feel good about yourself and be yourself. hope this helped!