Should I just be a creep since being nice gets me nowhere with women

No matter how nice I am to women on here or in person, I get ignored. But if I act like a creep, those same women don't ignore me. Which I find strange because women are always saying they don't like creeps.

Glad I got a rating lol, just wish there was an answer or answers.
But that's my problem even ''Nice Girls'' don't want to date me? In fact since when do ''Nice Girls'' exists?


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  • No, don't be a creep. Nice guys get real women, not little girls. Those girls who ignored you, weren't real women. They were little girls. However, I can show you a woman.


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  • Being a creep doesn't work either. Being a nice guy is really being a weak guy.

    Nice guys will usually agree to everything a woman says just to make her happy.

    They are in what the buisness world calls "yes men."

    Yes men do not make the business world work either.

    Bad boys tell women what they really want whether it be sex or anything.

    They aren't afraid to say they want sex.

    • so according to u, I should be a jerk then?

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    • Im sure moonlight is another one of those girls who say "oh he's a real a**hole but I sure love sleeping with him."

      And then tell their best "guy" friend how she really likes nice guys. And he's probably in the background treating her "nice" hoping that he has a shot with her.

      He buys her flowers and kisses her ass.

      And she wants NOTHING to do with him.

      Meanwhile the bad boy treats her like dirt and she loves it.

    • I agree pricesspower.

  • Honestly? If I can sense a guy is remotely disrespectful, or an outright arse, he'll get the cold shoulder. And if he says something rude to someone I know, he gets subtle hostility.

    I imagine others out there feel much the same. If a girl treats you like dirt, will you chase her? No? Same here.

  • No! you should start going after nice girls instead of losers if they ignored your true self they aren't worth the time anyway!

  • sorry, but I am getting a little tired of this nice guy raw deal dilemma, obviously those girls are not worth your time so why are you trying to change and attract girls that won't make you happy in the first place

  • What is your definition of "nice"? I am getting really confused now.

    • I really don't know lol. You seem nice you probably can kick my butt, but you seem nice.

    • Lol, I would never hit you. I was curious. you were asking about nice girls, then you asked if they existed. I think you're sweet too!

  • No you shouldn't be a creep

    • Someone doesn't agree and it ain't me.

  • no no you shouldn't be a creep be nice a lot of women out there which they have a guy like you..

    • LOL HA HA HA HA HA , really I beg to differ.

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    • No I'm not because I know I'm right.

    • oh shut up you talking crap

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  • Because being nice doesn't make you attractive. It just makes you friendly. Learn how to be attractive to women and you'll get more attention. Women are attracted to men who are decisive, confident and open minded. Women deep down appreciate gender rolls. A man should compliment what she isn't.

    For example: Make decisions but give them options. "I'm hungry. Would you rather eat Italian or Mexican?" If she says "Whatever you want" Do whatever you feel like. You controlled the situation but you still involved her in making the decision.

    The most frustrating thing is watching two people trying to accommodate each other all the time. Someone needs to call the shots, just don't be a nazi about it and make demands.