Is it too weird to ask a girl out over the internet and ask her to meet in the town I live in?

me and this girl had a class together last semester and she gave me the signals that she was interested and that she wanted me to approach her but I was in a bad time in my life (I was unemployed and still have no car) and I was unable to, for the lack of better wording,afford it or able to pick her up, but in the brief minutes that we had spoken I felt we had great connection and we even exchanged info at the end of the be completely honest and blunt I feel, well...pu$$y asking her over the internet but she lives 25-30min away and I know I might not ever see her again and if I do it won't be till next semester and at that point it might be too late and she may be taken if I don't make this leap


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  • What I would do is ask her to meet you before you ask her out. If she likes you, she'll make the 25, 30 minute trip to come see you. Maybe something that implies a date. If she figures out it's like a date, then she'll be able to make a choice without you asking her straight out. If she says it's too far away, then she doesn't like you enough to date you (unless she's honestly busy/doesn't have reliable transportation).

    I'd also consider what it would mean to date her when she lives that distance away. The strain it might put on her to drive an hour round trip to see you, and how you would manage a relationship that's like a long distance relationship, since you wouldn't get much face time.

    But do go for it. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.


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  • I don't know... personally I don't like "going" to the guy.. I like to be on my home turf, or to meet at a mutual location. 25-30 isn't really that far.. is there no public transit where you live? Or can you just meet halfway somewhere if you really want to. If you reaaaallly can't leave your town.. then ask her to come there.. but pleaaaassse don't just ask her to "hang out" at your place or something. That would be so so lame in my eyes, screams booty call, and would be unappealing. So if she comes to your town plan a fun date out and about. Show her the things you love about your town perhaps.


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  • Do this step, but you go see her! You can spare hour of our time to ho there and back. You don't work all day, do you? Or are your circumstances so bad?

    • i have a pretty tight schedule,between my new job,helping out my with my baby brother(his dad isn't around)& soccer practice its hard to find time to get to her not to mention I don't have my own car and I don't know what her schedule is pretty scrambled with my situation, trust me I know :( only thing I can come up with was invite her to a party me and my friends throw or try and get her to invite me to a party in her area and get my friends to drive out to her but I would see here alone

    • but I would rather see here alone*

    • Then with this explanation I think it is pretty OK to ask her to come. Just be sincere.