Guys: Why do you kiss and tell?

Why do men kiss(or hookup) and tell their friends the details? Do all men do this? Whether this was a one night, FWB, or in a relationship.

How detailed to you get?


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  • I only get in depth with my best friend who I've known forever. He's trustworthy so we go pretty detailed with it when we talk sometimes. Talking about how the relationship is going, what's going wrong or what she did that was so adorable, how the sex was, what we wish our chicks would do, etc.


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  • Not all guys do it, and on average, not nearly as detailed as women seem to get during their little "girltalk" sessions. Seriously, am I the only one who sees the double standard here? A guy says something and girls get so irritated, call guys chauvinists, pigs, or whatever, but bet your ass half these same girls who complain go into some crazy shit during "girltalk", and 35%-40% out of the other 50% who don't, know damned well what's said yet turn a blind eye, and still call men out.

  • I am more of the private type. Will tell only my best friend about my love / sex life, but even with him I skip the very intimate details.

  • Rarely tell anyone. No names. I try to keep it vague.

    Even here, when I use details, they are general...No names or way to link.

    Yea, some friends workers know when I have been with someone and when we are living together everyone figures we are sc**wing, but they get nothing...

    Let them use their imagition...

  • I don't always tell. Actually I tend not to tell at all unless I am pressured by the person I'm seeing.

    My friends are very good at ruining relationships. Good people that make good friends, the most of them, but my private life needs to be kept separate as much as possible. I don't even tell my "best friend" when I've slept with a woman. The only time anything gets announced is if I'm actually dating somebody.


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  • They brag about the girls they have hooked up with to boost their ego.

    Its pretty much "male talk".

    Not all guys do this. Its never cool to generalize :)

  • Who knows. But it's so obvious when they do. All their friends have that 'I know what you did last summer' look on their faces and clearly want to ask if you'll 'pull' them again.