Girls in college, what is your age range for dating?

I'm 22, will be 23 in a few months and am a graduate student at a huge university. I was wondering what age range girls in college have for dating? Is this different from having a casual relationship with someone?


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  • Im 21 and I would have to say my cut off would probably be 30, after that, for myself, I just feel there's too much of a gap. Right now I'm dating a guy who is 26 and about to be 27 although he acts like a reborn 18 year old most of the time ;P but we have fun and hang out and like the same things so its all good here

    • Can I ask how you guys met?

    • There was a party at a friends house. We were both there and we met and hung out, joked around, and had a pretty nice time. Next thing I knew a couple days later he called me asking to go out on a date. Come to find out he asked a mutual friend of ours for my number and from then on we've been dating.

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  • Most undergrad girls would go for a guy your age. I think the typical age range would be her age or a year younger, to about 24 or 25.

  • probably up to early 30s. a real relationship, probably 30 and under...i mean just realistically.


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