Why do girls say "I have a boyfriend"?

every time I try to friend a girl on campus when I ask for her number, immediately they think oh he is hitting on me. not every guy wants to hit on you, some just want friends. its really annoying and what does it actually mean.

Most Helpful Girl

  • They might not like you that way, and are just trying to let you know that before you get too attached. Even though not all guys are hitting on girls, most are and it's just instinct to say "I have a boyfriend" when a guy they don't like comes up to them. I've done it once myself, but only because the guy asked me out. Sometimes it's the only way to reject someone without being too mean. It just seems better to lie and say "I have a boyfriend" than say "I don't like you and I really don't want to go out with you."

    • i didn't just come up to her, I had a walking conversation because we left class and just happened to be walking in the same direction, then when parting I just asked for her number, she said sure but I have a boyfriend, okay but I'm just looking to be friends, then it just gets confusing we trade numbers and there's the lingering feeling that they don't want to be friends either

    • Just tell her that you only want to be friends, nothing more. I'm sure in the future you will want more, and by then she may have broken up with her boyfriend. So just stick around. When a girl breaks up with her boyfriend, the first person they go to is their best guy friend.