Does a guy mean it when he says a girl is pretty?

If a guy says your beautiful,pretty,cute...does he mean it? by the way what is cute? My boyfriend and friends keep saying I'm makes me feel kinda ugly


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  • Cute, Pretty and Hot do have different meanings, but can all be used on the same girl just at different situations, the difference between the three is probably more in your behavior and clothing than you`re actual physical appearance. The fact that you`re getting classified as any of the three on a regular basis, means you`re already good looking.

    Cute, usually means you have certain innocense to how you look or how you behave, maybe you look young for your age, or maybe you`re funny, or you`re wearing something that makes you look good but isn`t necessarily sexy. Imagine a good looking girl on her way to a ball game, looking good, but pretty casual, and having fun, she`s probably looking cute.

    Pretty (aka Beautiful), usually means you look especially refined and probably a bit older than your age. You`re wearing nice clothes, but not necessarily sexy clothes, and you`re make-up is probably all done up. Imagine a good looking girl that`s on her way to church, she`s probably looking pretty, but not cute (casual) or hot (sexy).

    Hot means you look super sexy, you`re probably wearing sexy clothes, and you`re exuding sex in you`re behavior and body language. Hot for me is more of a behavior thing than a looks thing, but there is a certain look as well. Imagine a girl wearing a sexy dress, low cut neckline, showing some leg, make-up all done, hair all flowing, on her way to a night of dancing or something.

    One girl can be all three at different times, but no one is better than the other at all. No girl can be hot all the time, and a girl that`s worried about being pretty or beautiful all the time is probably too uptight and self-concious to be around too much, so being generally classified as cute, more often than not, is not a bad thing at all.

    Definitely not ugly.


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  • it should mean that your above average, your attractiveness is unique, and your frame is small, x

  • Yes! Cute, pretty anything of that sort means he or his friends find you attractive. That's what it means it should not make you feel ugly, take it as compliment!

  • You're thinking about things too much. I use all those words interchangeably.

  • I've never thought that being called cute can make a girl feel bad..

    You see - we mean the compliments which we give, accept them gracefully and try not to overthink them as there are no hidden meanings.

  • Yes we mean i

    Cute means you're decent looking, nit ugly but no model either


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