Online Dating???

What do you think of a 23 year old trying online dating?


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  • I have tried it, and its hard to weed out the good guys, from the guys that just want to.. ya know! It's now a bad thing, you just have to be careful. Good luck!

    • I have and found two incredible guys on Plenty of Fish. One was interested but got deployed and now I am talking to another. They are both cool, got a job and no kids. You just have to be careful. I learned there are some desperate guys on POF. I didn't have a pic up and so I did the fishing. I thought it was going to be hard work getting the guys attention but I had to throw in an attention line...I asked questions. Things are good now but getting to know each other...good luck

    • oops, I meant not instead of now, I should have proof read that! Sorry :) But yea, I have met some weirdo's on there, I haven't been to POF but other sites..

    • Thank you !


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  • Nothing wrong with it at all. Of course as has been said in the past, please be careful. At last count, there were a minimum of one billion creepy guys out there.

    • So you think its okay for me to try online dating?

    • Sure it's OK just b careful. If you ever meet the guy, make it in a very public place.

    • okay, thank you !

  • What do you think of a 23 y/r going to a bar or club looking for guys?

  • I just finished dating a 23 year old that I met online. We went out and had about 8 great dates and then just disappeared. I thought we had chemistry, then she just stood me up. My male friends are saying that I showed her too much respect and should have pushed her harder. I think they might be right in saying that I friend-zoned myself by not being physical enough.

    • sorry to hear that :(

  • date me baby I can give you what you need <3


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