Whats going on here?

This guy I liked and we had chemistry together stopped replying to my texts for a few days it actually drove me crazy so I had to ask him what's up and when I did he said he was sorry and that he was busy and just forgot to reply back? Is this just an excuse or do you think he really means it. I hate feeling like I'm falling so much for this perfect guy only to be messed around. Do you think I'm just over reacting? Please answer this I need to know.


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  • He more than likely meant it, and you're over-reacting.

    This is exactly what guys can be like, regarding communication. We just don't place the same importance on it that women do.


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  • I think he is being honest, but I also think that you probably, at the moment at least, have stronger feelings for him than he has for you. Its not something weird to forgetting to answer, it happens me sometimes when I text someone I'm interested in, but if its someone you really really like, you don't forget. You more likely look at the phone once every minute to see if you got a new text. That doesn't mean he doesn't like you - he is probably just not at that nerve-tickling point :)

    But that's just what I think, doesn't have to be that way because of it :)