Am I wrong for thinking these things?

i have a steady boyfriend who doesn't really act like he wants to be with me, been together 2 and a half years, we fight a lot and I hate the way I'm treated. well there is this guy at work who is russian, and I have always wanted to be with a russian guy. he's buff, hot, tall, and omg that accent makes me wanna drool. well, I love my man and all but going through problems like we do draws me away from him. I hate it but it happens. the other day I flirted with this guy at work. the guys he work with were calling me hot and all that but I told them that they are too old for me that id take the russian over them all. so they were picking on me about it and this guy was drooling over me in my short shorts after work, making a scene Because I have a tattoo on my thigh. and I just loved the attention. one of the guys told him I want pictures of him and he told me that one day we could make pictures together. omfg totally made my day. I was told if I like the russian guy that I should play out my fantasy and go screw him like I want to. but I'm not a cheater, it just made me feel good to flirt with him. I don't know how to feel, I'm so upset over all this. the guys at work thoguht it was funny and don't take it wrong at all, but now I feel horrible.


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  • Well it sounds normal to me. You only flirted. Maybe it is time to break up with your current boyfriend though. Try to not take the flirting much further until you are single.


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  • Ask yourself how you would feel if it was your boyfriend acting this way with another girl? Probably pretty sh*tty. You should conduct yourself around other guys the way you would want your partner to conduct himself around other girls.

    That said, it sounds like you aren't happy in your relationship. Why are you still in it?