How long would you wait to go out after a break up?

So I was wondering how long a girl that has gone out with a guy for maybe 2 years would wait to give any other guy a serious chance to be her bf, ( excluding the make you feel better about yourself hook ups) since I'm kinda waiting for this girl to do that?


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  • It depends on the person/girl. Guys usually take longer to get over a girl than girls take to get over a guy, so that's a plus for you. Just make sure you aren't the rebound guy. You can tell this by how longs she waits b4 going out with you. If its a few months then you are probably ok but if it's a few weeks then watch out. She probably wants to take a deep breath, relax, and just enjoy being free. My guess is she is not interested in dating anyone right now so when she is ready she will come. I mean she will have to date at some point, she can't wait forever. So be patient and give her time for both of yalls sake. There is no definite time range since it depends on the person and how fast they get over it.

    • I'm surprised that you say guys take longer to get over a girl, how do you believe that is so?

    • Well it depends totally on the person. Guys just usually become very emotionally invovled as do girls, but guys have an ego problem and their self esteem hurts when they get dumped.


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  • it really depends on the girl and the situation but its probably gonna take awhile. just make sure she has the rebound relatioship there may be many.

  • It depends... I'm at 6 months post-break up and I'm nowhere near ready. =/


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