Do guys pay less attention after they've gotten the girl they want?

There's this guy who was chasing me, he would send me a lot of texts every day and would call me at least once a day. After we are officially dating, he tend to text me less and almost never call me again. He had been chasing me for like one month and we're together for only 2 weeks.


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  • No, this should be the time where he shows you he is worthy of your talents, he should be making a big effort to prove to you that you made a good choice in him, so if he is not, then he's not worth it, tell him he's not the guy you thought he was, and dump him, you deserve better, every bloke wants to prove their worthy, but this one seems to think its you that needs to prove their worth, it don't work like that,x


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  • guys do get lazy but the fact that he is getting this lazy is not good. you should talk to him but make sure to be very careful not to sound accusing because guys blow off the handle at that sometimes.

    question, did you have sex already?

    • No.

    • okay good because I was worried he maybe "got what he wanted" so I would have a talk with him

  • guys always do this