Treating a girl like a queen/princess?

I hear some girls say that their S/O treats them like a queen/princess. What exactly do they mean by this? I thought girls didn't want guys to follow everyone of their commands and not put up an argument or agree with everything they say. I'm just curious as to what a girl means when her s/o treats her like a queen/princess. Do you want your boyfriend to treat you like a queen, if so what would you expect of him?

So I'll I'm getting from most of these girls is that they want to be treated with respect and some like to be complimented every now and then. So would you say the latter things is what makes some ladies feel like princesses?


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  • I've heard women say "hubby treats me like a queen" and I've heard people say you should "treat your man like a king."

    Have you ever heard some people say that some children are fortunate enough to be spoiled by a loving, caring family and parents whereas some children are spoiled with material items? In the long run, which is most beneficial? The loving parents and family of course. The same goes for the relationship.

    To me, it translates into being respectful, showing your love and appreciation for the person and making them a top priority. But I also believe there are some men and women who go above and beyond that call by doing small things for their girl/man. For instance, a woman might be caught off guard if you buy her favorite flowers for her on Valentines Day. It means something if she mentioned if a while back and you still remember. Or, if a woman knows her guy has been going through a stressful time at work and he comes home to his all time favorite dinner. Or if a womans husband tells her how thankful he is for her to be his wife and mother of his children on Mother's Day. Or opening/holding the door. Supporting them when they have to make tough decisions or are going through a rough patch

    It doesn't mean blowing your whole paycheck on her(although for golddiggers it may) and it doesn't mean wasting ALL of your time and energy on showing them how much they mean to you, but successful relationships require effort on both parts.

    In short: It means he's a good boyfriend who knows how to treat his lady. Mind you, all women are different.

    • Wow, this is a great answer. This is the exact explanation I was looking for. The girl that said her boyfriend treats her like a queen doesn't get too many material things from him, but she claims he treats her like a queen. I'm sure this is what she meant by it.

    • Thank you!

      Keep in mind, there are definite exceptions with this and there are females out there who associate being spoiled by material items with being treated like a queen/princess. There are those girls, but they aren't all too common. I think the average woman would rather an appreciative, respectful boyfriend as opposed to someone who isn't there for her emotionally and gives her gifts.

    • No problem.

      I definitely know that there's some girls out there who want material things and money. That's definitely not the type of girl I'm looking for and if I ever did encounter her I would make sure to put a stop to the relationship pretty soon.

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  • I don't think that when a girl say that her guy treats her like a queen/ means that he's at her beck and call, spoils her, etc. I just think it simply means that the guy makes her feel significant and special. That can be done without buying gifts or following her every command. It means that when she has a problem, he listens, when she says something about her birthday or anniversary, he remembers, when she gets sad, he will try to cheer her up. Maybe he's a bit of a romantic and does the whole candlelight dinner, walk on the beach and slow dancing bit. It has absolutely nothing to do with feeling helpless or having a sense of entitlement. If I were ever to say "this guy treats me like a princess or queen", it just means he knows how to love me the right way and he makes me feel special. I don't think there is anything negative about that. You can treat some as an equal and still treat them like a princess. Why is everyone is disgusted with this? This is exactly why so many people choose to believe that romance is dead.

    • This is another good answer and something more along the lines of what I thought she meant when she said he treated her like a princess. I agree, though. I don't think it would take too much for a girl to feel appreciated. Thanks for answering.

  • maybe they want the guy to constantly buy them things, pay attention to every word they say, and call them alot?

    idk. I wouldn't know.

    • I don't think that's what this girl meant. That's why I'm asking this question.

  • If a guy treats me like a queen or princess, he's respectful and supportive of me. He knows I can stand on my own two feet and am capable of doing things myself, but still likes helping me or doing things for me from time to time. He always adores me and wants to protect me.

    • Well I don't think that's asking to much in a relationship. I would gladly do that. I hope you can find your prince charming that treats you like that. :)

  • A queen defers to a king. so no. id expect to be treated as an equal partner, not a pawn.

    • Well it doesn't have to mean being showered with gifts but what's your personal definition of a guy treating you like a queen?

  • I don't need to be treated like a queen but my husband does it anyways. He respects me and does nice things for me all the time without me asking. In turn, I treat him like a king. We have a lot of love for each other and it just comes naturally.

    • This is the answer I was looking for. I just wanted to know what exactly their s/o does for them that makes them feel like princesses. I guess it's just love, respect, and doing some nice things for them. Am I right?

    • yup!

    • Alright, cool.

  • Your answer is in your question. SOME girls. Lots of girls like independence, but something guys need to realize is that every girl is totally and completely DIFFERENT. Where one girl would want their boyfriend to spoil them rotten, another girl would hate it.

    I would personally find it very annoying if you spoiled me, but if it's just chiveraly or being kind and acting like I was the best thing that ever happened to you, that's actually pretty complimenting. For a girl, knowing that you matter to your guy is a big deal.

    • Well I didn't mean as in spoiling them. I meant what does it mean to treat you as a princess with affection not with material things.

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    • I'm glad I could help than. :)

    • Yes, thank you.

  • I don't want a guy who is going to agree with everything that I'd say. That's boring!

    It should be 50/50 like in any relationship should be. If I want him to do something for me.. I have to do something for him in that fashion. It's only fair.

    I mean, opening up the door, complimenting me on my personality, behavior, (or when I work for it)..

    I want to be treated like a lady, that's what gentleman are for. :)

    • So as long as he respects you and treats you like a proper lady you'll be happy?

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    • Spoil them, yes. Take for granted? Differs. Some girls never learn to appreciate what they have.

    • Okay, well then I agree with you in that 'Treating a girl like a princess is pretty much that you're willing to do whatever for her and yet, she appreciates it and not take advantage of you.'

  • I don't think I wan to be "treated like a princess". I want respect, love and crap like that. I don't want to be put on some pedestal or think that I am. I just want a gentleman. I think when it comes to a relationship I wan to be treated nicely but not smothered by gifts and attention. If you surprise me with something, GREAT, but I don't automatically expect you to. The fifty fifty of things is how a relationship should go.

    • Would you say he treated you like a princess if he gave you respect, love, and the other "crap"?

    • Yeah true! If he respects me, loves me and so on I think I would be as happy as a princess. If he is making me happy, he is treating me like a princess.

    • Alright, cool. Well I'm sure you'll find a guy like that someday.

  • I think it just means that he treats you really well, he respects you, compliments you, and is just all around a good bf.

    And your right, I don't want a guy to do everthing I say and agree with everything I say. That would be nice at first, but it'll get old really fast. I kinda like to fight it out a little bit sometimes, it's more fun if I have to MAKE him see it my way. lol

    • Also just that the guy takes care of you in general. I mean I want him to know that if I need to, that I can take care of myself, but I want a guy who will take care of me and just show me that he loves me in everyway he can possibly think of. :)

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    • Thanks :)

    • Sure.

  • total respect we love to be surprised with gifts or something romantic even if we say we don't want gifts we so do its so romantic and it makes us feel amazing and special you don't have to agree with everything we say because sometimes its good to argue to reveal your opinions on things us girls want to feel like we are the only one hold us when we need it even if we say leave me alone stay and hold the girl be open for girl talk even though its probably not your thing we still want to talk about our problems and don't weigh us down by being self centered or talking about your problems constantly or bitching about how your life sucks but completly lock all of your emotions away we want to know what's on your mind

    • no. if I say leave me alone, I mean f*** off. & I wouldn't want someone listening to me, if they really thought it was a waste of time. if its not his thing, he's not my thing. a person who loves you wants to hear about u,. not just because they want something from u. its ALWAYS good to reveal your opinions. why would you want to be lied to.

      gifts are not that great. def over rated. imo

      if a person has problems they should talk. You want him to listen whenever, but don't want him to weigh you down

  • My advice is to steer clear of any chick who claims that she "must be treated like a princess/queen." They tend to have entitlement issues.

    I want a guy who thinks I'm his best buddy, partner and likes to have sex with me (and vice versa) personally.

    • Well I don't think they say they want to be treated like a queen, they just mention that their current boyfriend treats them like one. lol Well that's all I really want out of a female partner.

  • I don't need to be treated like a helpless princess. A guy just has to be nice and treat me with respect and I will be nice and treat him with respect. Nothing more complicated then that.

    • Would you say you were being treated like a princess if he was nice and complimented you every now and then?

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    • I don't mind answering questions, this is a interesting topic. Some of them seemed like they were walking on egg shells around me. Never would disagree, wouldn't call me out on something when I was wrong. Buying a bunch of stuff for me, I mean if it is for my birthday or Christmas that's fine and maybe a little something else ever once in awhile is good, but too much of that made me feel guilty and uncomfortable.

    • Alright, well thanks for taking your time to answer all the questions I've thrown at you. That sounds like it would get a bit annoying. Thanks for answering.

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  • Never treat a woman better simply because she is a woman. That's not equality, that's preferential.

    If she deserves it she gets treated well, if she's a demanding parasite then she can find someone else to put up with her BS

    • I agree. I don't think the girl I was talking with preferred to be treated better, I think she meant that the guy she's with treats her like said up there.

  • im sorry come again please I did not catch that...

    • What exactly does a guy have to do for a girl to feel like a queen or princess.

  • treating someone like a princesss mostly means going down to tie her shoes and stuff like that act like a knight would in front of a queen, being a gentleman without being a slave pretty much buy her stuff (not gold and stuff) flowers, maybe? sometime, give her the best spot on the buss / the couch and so on put her b4 you b noble f*** sake ain't you got a brain man how hard cna it be to count out

    • lol Alright, I guess I see what you mean.

  • Treat women as equals. None of this princess stuff.

    • Well if she treats you like a prince, isn't it right for you to treat her like a princess? haha

    • Only if she treats me like a prince. Remember, we're equal.

    • Yeah, there's definitely no reason in treated her like a queen if she treats you like a peasant.

  • i better be getting treated like a king then lol

    • lol Well most girls just want respect, love, and some compliments to feel like a queen. Would you feel like a king if they treated you like that?

    • that would work for me :)

    • haha Alright, that's good.

  • Ehhh that is crap. Treat everyone equal and normal

    • So you should treat your girlfriend just like that random girl in the mall?

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    • No way, that damn lochness monster needs to make her own damn money.

    • :P true that true dat

  • Some spoiled women do like this type of treatment but most women like to be treated with respect and not like a little girl in some fantasy Disney movie

    • What exactly do you consider 'little girl in some fantasy Disney movie'?

    • To not be honest when there are ugly truths. To buy her ANYTHING her little heart desires, to protect her from things that she should know or learn, to not criticize her when it should be necessary

    • Oh, okay. Well then I agree that you shouldn't treat them like that.