Treating a girl like a queen/princess?

I hear some girls say that their S/O treats them like a queen/princess. What exactly do they mean by this? I thought girls didn't want guys to follow everyone of their commands and not put up an argument or agree with everything they say. I'm just curious as to what a girl means when her s/o treats her like a queen/princess. Do you want your boyfriend to treat you like a queen, if so what would you expect of him?

So I'll I'm getting from most of these girls is that they want to be treated with respect and some like to be complimented every now and then. So would you say the latter things is what makes some ladies feel like princesses?


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  • I've heard women say "hubby treats me like a queen" and I've heard people say you should "treat your man like a king."

    Have you ever heard some people say that some children are fortunate enough to be spoiled by a loving, caring family and parents whereas some children are spoiled with material items? In the long run, which is most beneficial? The loving parents and family of course. The same goes for the relationship.

    To me, it translates into being respectful, showing your love and appreciation for the person and making them a top priority. But I also believe there are some men and women who go above and beyond that call by doing small things for their girl/man. For instance, a woman might be caught off guard if you buy her favorite flowers for her on Valentines Day. It means something if she mentioned if a while back and you still remember. Or, if a woman knows her guy has been going through a stressful time at work and he comes home to his all time favorite dinner. Or if a womans husband tells her how thankful he is for her to be his wife and mother of his children on Mother's Day. Or opening/holding the door. Supporting them when they have to make tough decisions or are going through a rough patch

    It doesn't mean blowing your whole paycheck on her(although for golddiggers it may) and it doesn't mean wasting ALL of your time and energy on showing them how much they mean to you, but successful relationships require effort on both parts.

    In short: It means he's a good boyfriend who knows how to treat his lady. Mind you, all women are different.

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      Wow, this is a great answer. This is the exact explanation I was looking for. The girl that said her boyfriend treats her like a queen doesn't get too many material things from him, but she claims he treats her like a queen. I'm sure this is what she meant by it.

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      Thank you!

      Keep in mind, there are definite exceptions with this and there are females out there who associate being spoiled by material items with being treated like a queen/princess. There are those girls, but they aren't all too common. I think the average woman would rather an appreciative, respectful boyfriend as opposed to someone who isn't there for her emotionally and gives her gifts.

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      No problem.

      I definitely know that there's some girls out there who want material things and money. That's definitely not the type of girl I'm looking for and if I ever did encounter her I would make sure to put a stop to the relationship pretty soon.