Slept with guy on second date?

OK, so me and guy are both divorced with kids, both 34. Met on dating site a month ago. Talked every day since we met, long convos...get along great. Very similar. First date went great...ended with a hug. Second date..well yikes. We ended up sleeping together. NOW lol I know many girls say it, but I really mean it...I usually wait until I'm in committed relationship. Have I just destroyed any chance I had in getting into something like an exclusive relationship with him? I like him. I'm not going to pretend I don't as some have told me I should do if hard to get is ever an option and um, kinda late for that anyways lol. Plus I honestly don't want to play games. I feel we are both adults who did what felt right at the time. And quite frankly, it was phenomenal. So he was on vaca with his son this past weekend. We hung out Wed when this happened. Since then, we have talked every day for extensive periods of time, he has sent me cute messages while away, we already made plans for next date...while we still flirt, we don't just talk about what's a fraction of our discussion (though we both did say wow lol). After I slept with him he asked me to stay the night and we cuddled all night and chatted all morning. SO signs seem like he is cool with this too, but I mean he did get laid lol. So here's my question...if I was just a booty call, he wouldn't be talking to me so much still right? Sharing stories about his family and being on vaca and asking how I am and what I"m up to? Is it possible for a second-date over nighter to have a chance at more? I really like him. Any advice?


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  • i don't see the problem. I actually think it's a plus.

    • ok good! far so good it seems...we hangin tomorrow...


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  • Ye I think the convo and connection is definitely a positive sign. Keep persuing as you have. Hopefully he is over the bang a ditch phase and has moved on to the find a real connection phase.


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  • I slept with my last boyfriend on the second date. I wound up marrying him.