Why do younger girls always look at me?

I notice younger girls normally will look over at me and check me out and I'm close to my mid twenties. The girls are normally between 14-17 years old. I normally don't have girls my age do this for some reason just younger girls. I will just ignore them because I even had these two young girls 15 or so years old walk by while I was in a line at the mall and they one girl looked at me and flirtatious said "whats up?" I just shook my head and smiled while she giggled to her friend. I have been told I look young before, like I'm 18 and also I get carded for a are movie a couple months ago :/. I can't help I look young but is this the reason why?


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  • its okay if you look young it happens, I'm 22 and look like I'm 17, so don't feel bad. But even if you didn't look young I have a feeling that younger girls would still try and flirt with you. For some reason younger girls have a thing for older guys, especially attractive guys. I would just keep doing what your doing, but also remember some of those girls could be older then she looks to. I mean there are going to be those girls you KNOW are to young, and then others might not be just don't look like it

    • Well normally I can tell around the age girls are, or close. I never considered myself attractive, just average. When I was younger I considered myself below average for sure because of issues I had, long story really so I'll leave it at that. When I was younger girls would always ignore me and never even look in my direction. Least know they do even though it doesn't mean much but its hard to build confidence if you had a past like mine, its a working progress I guess, lol.

    • I can understand. it took a long time to have self confidence as well. but don't let people make you feel like your not attractive. if there looking at you its for a reason. even if they are younger or not. they see something in you


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  • you just might have a baby-face. sorry if that was rude. or you just simply dress like a teen. try getting a haircut that makes you look older (but not like you're trying to look older! tell your hairstylist!) and maybe dress a little more...iunno mature? like wear a cardigan and shirt or a slight v-neck. for some reason whenever I see a guy wear a v-neck I think "mid-twenties". but don't overdo the v-neck craze cause at some point it might(will) look stupid. best of luck!

    • Haha, it wasn't rude don't worry about it. Takes a lot to offend me, anyway I wouldn't say I dress like a teen, I just normally wear casual cloths, normal T-shirt with cargo shorts or sometimes jean shorts. I wear blank T's for the most part. I never liked V necks for some reason, just think they look goofy but that's my opinion.

    • yeah I'm kinda with you on the v-necks to be honest...looks good on some guys and on others it just looks...(no offence to anyone but) gay. just try with the haircut first, and if that doesn't work, try the slight change of clothes. hope the haircut'll do!

  • most likely, however looking younger than your age is going to come in handy in a few years ;) get excited.

    I know that if my boyfriend shaves his stubble he looks like he's 18 and when he grows it out people think he's about 25. (hes 20)

    • When I was 20 I looked 16, I'm running a few years behind apparently... lol. I barely had to shave when I was 20, I still can't grow a full beard, I have thin facial hair and if I do grow it, it looks stupid so I always shave.

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    • Haha, I'm just looking to pick one, the right one! I'm willing to wait though, I'm patient and can be picky with personality, I know what I'm looking for in a girl, finding her is the problem!

    • youve got plenty of time :) no rush. being picky is where its at. don't ever settle for trash :D

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  • i agree with the dudes below, dress older now. it could be a combination of your appearing younger than your age & the very real possibility these young chix are testing to see if they can get an older guys attention just to prove they can... bad news for you because this could land you looking like the star of 'to catch a predator' oe a serious creep so dress fawkn older ASAP.

    i'm a soldier type from a military style family so if a dude like one of the men in my family saw you with a high schooler there's a good chance you'll get a hard time or more likely an azzkikkn by some big combat vet even if your 100% innocent the appearance of sumn perverted causes men in my family to want to defend the child & destroy the perp.

    • I never said I was interested in them, lol. I'm not and I'm not that stupid, I like girls more mature then the ones in there teens, I wouldn't do that. I'm not that type of guy, like I said I normally will ignore them. I just can't help notice they keep looking at me and wonder why they're doing it.

  • Try changing your look so that you don't look so young, my advice would be to get some of your female friends and tell them your problem. Get their opinion on it and find out how to make yourself look like you are older than you currently appear. Good luck.

    • Not a bad idea, they might be too nice and say I look fine however. Also most of them known me for a long time so don't really realize how young I look, there just used to it, lol.

    • I thought of that but they should know how to make you look older, good luck.

  • This happens to me and I'm 29... and it's god damn annoying, lol! I don't even look young.

    I've dropped the "kiddo" bomb before to completely squish interest, but only once as this kid was being very aggressive.

    In hindsight, a lot of the girls I knew around that age group hit on older men on the regular, and it pissed me off then too, although obviously for a very different reason.