I don't want him to cheat, I just want him to hang out with me.

I've been friends with this guy for over 2 years. That's all we are. He has a girlfriend and I'm friends with her too. The only thing is that he's started paying a lot less attention to me. I don't really care that we can't be anything more, I just want him to spend time with me like he used to. Any ideas on how I can let him know without making it seem like I'm flirting with him?


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  • I honestly think you should expand your circle of friends. I know you like spending time with this guy, but he also has obligations to his girlfriend who is an important part of his life. You could straight up tell him you miss him and would like to spend more time with him, and if he's a good friend I am sure he will know that you mean it in a platonic way. I am sure if you just ask him to hang out more or invite him to hang out more he won't take it as flirting.


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  • how about an honest and forthcoming convo with him and his gf? letting her in on the desire to be a friend might make him feel at ease with it and if she's informed up front that you're just interested in friendship...maybe she won't mind your being a 3rd wheel sometimes...:-) just sayin..better that she's a part of the decision to let him hang with you than to find out accidentally and get suspicious and ..mad!


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  • Start dating someone else / multiple other people.

    Then it won't seem like you're after him.