What is the right time to start dating again?

i broke up with my ex because I didn't feel the same way anymore and now I like my best friend and we started dating two weeks after my break up. do you think that was wrong of me? my ex is really hurt and he hates me now. should I have waited

idk all his froends hate me and say I'm a slut and because they kinda had a feeling I liked my best friend :/


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  • are you happy? good. that's what mattters. If not, then maybe you should reconsider dating your best friend. I don't think there's a "time quota" to meet after you break up with someone. I mean, if anything its good to meet new people right away to help you get your mind distracted from your previous relationship. The whole idea here is to be happy, not regretful.

    • @ update: what does that have to do with starting to date again? his friends are there for his moral support. Not yours. So forget them.

    • i guess your right.


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  • All my exes had someone new within 2 weeks. Girls get over relationships VERY fast apparently.


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  • Nope! My personal opinion is once you officially break up, its time to "jump back on the horse"

    If you know you are not going to get back with him why wait?