Are some people not meant for dating?

What types of things or actions make a person approachable? What makes a guy decide if they want to be girlfriend/boyfriend relationship or just a friends with benefits type?What kind of girl do guys really want?


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  • It totally depends upon the guy. Some are going to be FWB types only, some might want a relationship, some might want both, depending upon the girl in question. What kinds of guys are you attracted to?

    • I don't have a kind of guy that I am attracted to really. I guess a good personality - I wouldn't want to date a guy that's a door knob. I'd like to have a boyfriend but I doubt id ever find that sort of thing. but I i thought id ask if there was some way I could better myself for that. figure out if there's something guys look for. I'm not a whore or anything.. I never had a relationship of any kind. kinda wish I could. - I'm prettyy lame.

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    • The whole point of those sites is that you meet up with people in groups to do group activities, such that you don't have to meet people one at a time.

    • Yea, I just check them out. It would have been a good idea but unfortunately there isn't a lot around where I am. Most of group are for older people... not really anything interesting... kinda sucks.


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  • There's no magical way you can change to make yourself a better candidate for being a GF. youjust have to be yourself and hope you don't meet a jerk. Maybe working on being a good judge of character might help you avoid the jerks but like TheDigitalSaint said, you need to develop social opportunities if you;re going to even have a chance.

  • i believe so

    • what do you mean?

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    • because I strongly dislike on how society, life, expects us guys to be tough all the time

    • Makes sense. Its funny how those ideas exist. Sometimes its so good to stop giving a sh*t of what people think and how things are suppose to be according to whatever is "the right way".. Everyone has their own life to live. And its not anyones problem they should only worry about their own. I think people just get way too bored.

      ...I don't know if its better to live how ever is right... maybe that's why I can't seem to find anyone or anything. ha.. oh well. I don't want to get depressed about it

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