Haven't heard from in two weeks...

His phone broke two weeks ago and he text me on someone else's phone to tell me he would call me later. Well, I text his number just to see if he had gotten his phone fixed and I did get a response but apparently it's someone's else. I have no other way of contact. We were doing great before his phone broke.


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  • I hate to break it to you, but if he wanted to talk to you, he would. You may not hear from him again. If you do, I'd be extra cautious.


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  • There are sth called internet. You guys can chat online, emails, msn, Skype, any ways can helps.

    If you can't reach him by any means, there might be a problem.

    Anyway, try other ways to communicate, and not to assume, it never ends well by only guessing.

  • If you don't get in contact with him over face book or something I would try to contact a mutual friend or the person whom he called you from to make sure that everything is okay.