Memorable first date stories?

Tell us what did you do, where did you go and how long did your 1st date last?

Just curious about what others do on their first date?


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  • My most memorable first date was at...Taco Bell. LMAO! We had been trying to get together all week, but we just couldn't get our schedules together. One night, we were texting and I told him I was going to Taco Bell. He was just getting off work, which was just down the street. I was planning to just go though the drive-thru, but then he asked to join me. I was so excited that I actually left my wallet at home. He ended up treating me, which I thought was nice. I had lost a bet, so I was actually supposed to be treat him. We just talked about everything from family to work. I didn't care about the setting of the date. I just wanted to get to know him, which I did. Now, he's my boyfriend. We make 8 months on the 6th of this month! :) I sometimes tease him about taking me to Taco Bell, but I really didn't mind. I was just happy to be able to spend time with a guy I really liked. He said that the Taco Bell date really made him like me more. He really liked that fact that we could just hang out anywhere and have a good time. We've been to much nicer places since then. Haha!


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  • My first date was...awkward lol. CONSIDERING that the only reason I agreed to go out with this guy was to make another guy jealous, after our fling relationship ended lol. I knew this guy´s friends would probably be at the restaurant, so it was a plus.We went to have dinner at the country club´s restaurant. Even though things were so awkward since I had zero interest in him (he was handsome though), he DID have a lot of interesst in me, but well lets just say it was awkward. Things just got better wheni went over to the other guy´s friends and they said "is that your boyfriend? Will is gonna get jealous". (will is the guy I was trying to make jealous lol.) At this point I was like YEAH BITCH MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. Later, I found a female friend of mine, and I told the guy that I came on the date with that my mom was ready to pick me up so I had to go. It sounds like I was a bitch, but I really wasn't lol.I do feel like one though.

  • Went to dinner then he actually went salsa dancing with me and danced and then we went to my 1st strip club then hit the bar followed by a mexican burrito place in lousivlle at 3am then he dropped me off home

    • Wow this is one interesting date! How long did the date last? How well did you know each other beforehand?

    • About 8hours. We went to middle school together but weren't really social and then I commented on a picture of his on Facebook and it hit off from there.

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