He wants me to feel sorry for him?

my boyfriend is 27 years old and he is homeless right now. I don't know what to do for him. should I leave him. he also has a lot of baggage.


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  • if you have your sh*t together, id leave him. I mean its kinda f***ed up, but you shouldn't have to pay for other people's mistakes. and people who have their sh*t together deserve to be with other people who have their sh*t together

    • Well I have my license, and saving for my car. I live in a beautiful house with my family, I have stable income and I'm very attractive and smart. I have goals and working towards them while he just complains and expects me to solve his issues and he takes his frustrations out on me

    • ya you should definitely get with someone with your same level of humility too

    • humility lol


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  • Does he make any efforts to better himself? If not, leave.

    • Nope! Doesnt want to ask anybody for help. He can't move in with me again because my sister said no (its her house) He's waiting for me to tel jim he can move in with me but that's not going to happen. he is in a motel room right now depressed.

  • Very vague.

    • Meaning?

    • thats your Boyfriend ^ ...wants to verify if it really is him you're talking about ... (lol)

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  • LOok that his problem not yours he has to take responsibility. I knew someone that was homeless and wanted to contact her ex who was married. She has gotten worst and lost her goals and health. I feel sorry for her but mostly it is her victim mentality.

    • I called him at the motel tonight and he sounded even more depressed. he hung up on me because he said I'm not being there for him when I called him all day to see if he was okay. he's acting like its my fault he's homeless. I had nothing to do with that.

  • You need to give more details. What kind of baggage? Is he asking you if he can live with you?

    • Baggage such as he is a felon, has 2 beautiful girls he doesn't take care of, 2 dui's, no license, no car, etc he stays in karma because he chosses to do dumb stuff like steal from stores and other people. its just too much fpr me to handle. positive things are happening to me and it seems like he is bringing me down on purpose sometimes. I feel jealousy from him because he makes comments like "I don't get paid like you do" etc I'm just unhappy and been unhappy with him because he betrayed me

    • Well, sounds to me then that you already have your answer.

      things are going good for you. You don't need someone who is going to drag you down.

    • Thats all it is dragging me down But I feel bad to leave him alone homeless but he almost did it to me before and didn't give a dammmm!

      Thank you hun.