Is it just for sex and what does it mean?

Hi. At a party I got pretty drunk and had sex whit a guy

(I remember anything). His friends says he just wanted the sex. But then he writes "thank you for yesterday <3". Can I lay anything in it or should I move on?

the boy says that I'm tight and he fell out decent number of times. Does that mean that I'm bad or anything? This may be a gross questing but it has been running around in my head since.

Please answer I don't know what to do!


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  • Hi, stop worrying and stop it running round in your head, tell that little annoying voice, OI SHUT UP NNNOOOWWW, Turn its speaker volume down and get on with your life, as for him falling out, do you mean his penis fell out,! if your tight, then he has a small penis maybe, although I have been Married a long time, my wife is small and I fall out sometimes, and sometimes it depends on how horny a woman is as to what she can accommodate, if your really hot and wet not been crude here now, you might lets say take a big one, some women need to use large toys or cucumbers to satisfy themselves when real hot and wet, the vagina will accommodate many sizes, so stop warring eh. PS forgot to say I'm mr average.



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  • His friends know him best. They are right. He just texted to appreciate you. Move on, or be friends with him,

  • Ok he meant that he was very glad he found you drunk and and he is greatful for shagging you (he got his sex that's it). Did you say you don;t remember what the sex was like?

  • Go back to school and take a lot of English classes.

    • Not a help, but I should do it.

  • he has an awesome time with you and he thanks you for it.

    now, don't create f***ing drama, becouse that won't bring anything good into his life.

    you should be thankful.

  • Dip in and dip out, he thanks you for being easy.


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