If I seem a little dangerous, would you still go out with me?

Lets just say that I've been coming in to your workplace for awhile, we've always traded smiles and small talk but never had any real chance to become acquainted. So one day I'm gonna ask you to have lunch with me, out in the open. Now that you've said "sure, why not?" and given me an address where to pick you up at noon..I show up on my Harley, with a full picnic basket packed in the luggage box a blanket in the saddlebags an extra helmet and a sly smile on my face..are you still going?


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  • No because I don't know you well to get on the back of a bike with you. you're pretty much a stranger

  • Yes, but just make sure before hand that you tell her to dress very casual so she doesn't wear a dress or do her hair really nice otherwise it will get messed up with a helmet on.


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