I think I came onto strong and scared him away, how do I fix it?

A guy I have liked for a long time broke up with his girlfriend and asked me if I was still interested in him, we hung out and both said we had a great time and he wants to hang out again. He said he feels a connection with me and he was always interested just had a girlfriend at the time. He would text everyday and be very flirty and then it slowly faded, and I think its because I responded too much to it, maybe came on too strong? I guess I was so happy I finally had his attention that I got into my girl fantasy mode where I think its going to be perfect. I Haven't text him or Facebook messaged him in a week, how do I get him to show his attention like he did before? He also stares at me when he sees me but sometimes I feel like he is avoiding me too...thanks for any input on what I should do now.


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  • I kind of doubt it was something you did...

    Unless you suddenly started talking about marriage or having kids together, or started stalking his family and friends, or doing things behind his back...you know, really crazy stuff...there really is no reason for a guy to think you're coming on too strong just because you're enthusiastic.

    I'm afraid the more likely explanation is that he met someone else he's interested in, or maybe even is considering getting back together with his girlfriend.

    That would have nothing to do with you.


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  • When he messages you, you respond. I don't see how you could have responded too much unless, say, five minutes went by and you got panicky and you called or texted him again. Did you say anything that might seem like you came on too strong?

    Just send him a quick message saying you hope he has a good day and that you want to follow up on hanging out again sometime. Add a smiley too.

  • ask him if he likes you, and if he does, then stick your hand in his pants, and the sailing should be pretty smooth from there on


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  • I don't think you should blame yourself at all. This happens all the time, why I wish I had the answer but I dont. I seriously doubt that you scared him off because you were just going with the flow of the relationship, unless you called him all the time and was clingy. But otherwise, men do pull away for whatever reason. I think some men do it because they get scared of their feelings and need some time to think. I would advise just to pull back a little bit and let him sort out whatever is going on in his head., I really believe he will be calling you again, but give him time.