How do I captivate a shy girl who I just met?

Should I talk to her often? I want to ask her out for a simple cup of coffee. Is there a tact way of telling her "Hey, I'd like to buy you coffee sometime, and see if I like you more than a friend or not?" I think she is cute, but I want to get to actually know her. How long should I wait? I see her 4 times a week...on monday, wednesday, thursday, and friday. Help!


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  • From a "shy girl".

    Obviously, the difference between shy girls and outgoing girls is that guys have to be more persistent and patient with the quiet, reserved, mysterious types. Being that you only see her 4 times a week, and that you may not know her as well you have to be blunt with the "coffee question. " Yes, you should talk to her often - it's hard for her to break out of that shy exterior and most likely she won't be making the first move. So either you make the first move, or live with the burden of the "what if(s)".

    Just casually, ask her how her day is going, that will start a small conversation, and when she tells you "well, I better get going" than confidently [keeping your cool] ask her if she would like to go out for coffee some time. Just make sure that the coffee shop you want to take her is not Starbucks. You want to make her feel comfortable, so choose a place with lovely lounge chairs, music, and of course amazing coffee. Also, I'd suggest choosing a cafe that does not close at 8 pm.


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  • If she's shy then don't really put her on the spot. It would probably be best to ask two other people to go with you so that she won't feel strange or uncomfortable. Focus your attention on her mostly so you can get to know her better and at the same time you an see how she act's in a small group or around your friends. But make sure when you ask her you don't tell her your wanting to see if you like her more than a friend.

  • Talk to her. Ask her out. If she accepts then she's into you. Then when your alone try to get to know her. Ask her questions and tell her about yourself. You know? Get a comfortable setting. She'll open up once she gets comfortable. Some people are just shy at first


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