I loved a girl namely Manisha. 2 years backs she left me and got married to another guy

I loved a girl namely Manisha, who belongs to Brahmin Caste and use read in my same year in the College, we both were student of Science. I have also told her about my feeling over telephone. She didn't accept my proposal at once and then I have never talked to her face to face. Moreover, I have not made friendship with her earlier nor I have dated her as a Classmate. Basically I used to be shy person and she knew that fact very well. After about 5 (five) years she got married with another guy of Brahmin Community.

This is the fact that in our India, it is still a problem that a person can not love or marry a girl belong to upper Community, caste to him. Please somebody tell me what was my fault ?


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  • U have no fault... Don't worry. I am a Brahmin too. Each caste has our own traditions. Mix marriage cause a problem. Happy that u didn't fight with her and separate after marriage. Caste is not a discrimination like how the Indian Christian and Muslim think. They also have sub division and they are very strict about it. Caste is just your ancestors profession. Each profession have their own lifestyle. If mixed problems will occur. I hope that u get a good girl in your caste.


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  • Nothing was your fault. She simply just left, clearly she was not meant for you and so finding a new lovely lady is your new dream. Go on and make that dream come true!

  • Plenty of fish in the sea


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