How can a man say you are a good woman when he doesn't know you or just met you?

is there a certain look? I have met a few guys that believe from first meeting I am a good woman. I am not saying that I am not but how could they possibly know within minutes of meeting me?


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  • When they've just met you? It's probably just a line. They want to compliment you, but saying you're good looking is cliche... so they make up a lie about your invisible intangible qualities.


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  • It's better than saying...I'm very suspicious whether you are a good woman or not. I have to use my mad psychology skills and be with you for a couple years before knowing I want to leave you for another because she obviously is the better one which I might leave for another.

    Yep. That would be awkward.

  • they can't! it's a ploy to get in your pants...unless of course they're psychic..

    • yeah. same as if they say yore 'interesting'. or intelligent, they don't know. they might have a feeling about it, but there would be no reason to _tell_ yo that, immediately, unless they want something.

    • seriously, if I saw a woman doing something especially helpful for someone less able, capable or fortunate (more than once or twice, mind you) I'd be comfortable saying something like that and meaning it...but if I just met you and after an hour of talking I say "you're a good woman" the part I'm leaving out is "and I want to jump your bones"

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