She left me for someone else but we still hang out - is it really over?

i been with her bout 10 years and we have kids.we separated bout a month ago.but I still do my part for the kids she lets me stay at her place to watch our girls.we would argue like couples do.a few times she told me to leave.but we were back together in bout a week.a week after da break up she started hanging out with a guy who she works with.and they been seeing each other a lot she always texting him.she still helps me out and does things for me.i had a feeling that she would end up with him cause she had been talking a lot with him on her breaks at work.we've talked and she's told me that she don't want to be with me rite now.she said she was trying to get away from me for awhile.the guy she's seeing has no kids.i don't try to do anything with her when were together we still laugh and we haven't argued since the break up.i know she still cares she's told me.when we talked I told her how I felt and she started to cry but she told me don't this I don't want to go back to rite now.i don't bug her bout can you tell if she's serious bout the guy she's seeing or do I still have a chance of getting her back.i have kissed her one time since we broke up.about 2 weeks after we broke up I slept with her we were hanging out that day and we had a couple of drinks.she told me to stay so I did.then she came to me and told me I want to make love to you one last time so it happened.after that we day she took me home.and about 3 days ago we hung out and and we slept to together again it felt different.we still talk and hangout because of our kids.she always says that she cares and I tell her the same thing I tell her I still love her and I asked her if she does.but she never says she does.i really want her back but don't know how.that new guy is in my it really over has she really moved can I get her can you tell if she wants me back or is she just using what are some signs she wants me back.i don't know if I should just leave her alone or keep doing what I'm doing it feels funny knowing she's with this person and me still hanging out but I do for our kids.or is it really over


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  • I'm in the exact same situation with my Ex. He broke up with me saying he wasn't in love with me anymore but my love for him has always stayed the same. We had been together 8yrs and we have 2 kids. He moved out 2 months after we broke up and about 2 weeks later I found out some girl moved in with him. A few days ago I found out he was in a relationship with her because she wrote him a note and the dummy left it in his car (apparently she's been away on a trip) and the entire 2 weeks she's been gone he's been sleeping over here with me (yes we've been having sex too) there's no fighting going on; more laughing and goofing around like in our old days before the kids. I don't understand, it can't just be the sex (though it is great sex =P) My guess is yes she still loves you and yes she would still get back with you if you pressed the situation (as I want to do) but I think we should let them be. Let them get out there and explore other people. Of course it's going to hurt us but personally I don't want him to be miserable in our relationship if we do get back together. I'll always make it clear that I love him and will always love him but until he truly finds someone else I will always be there. Because I don't WANT to be with anyone else. As long as I don't want to be with anyone else and he hasn't chosen anyone else there is always a chance to get US back. History beats a lot of odds. Keep hanging out unless she tell you to stop. (my advice may not be all that good because I'm not being rational in this situation. Love is not rational. It's just what I'm doing because I'm still hoping and hanging on to what we had) I hope this helps you somewhat. and I also hope this isn't a post left years ago lol but maybe someone else might stumble upon it and find my answer a bit helpful. To love and the pain and happiness it brings. It's so underrated.


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  • If you're always looking to get her back then she's always going to have the freedom to have the best of both worlds. Some of you and whoever else she wants. Obviously with the kids in the picture you can't completely get away from her. if you allow the boundaries to get blurred too much there's a distinct possibility she'll prefer this situation to what you had before, leaving you going nowhere fast. In order to see whether she'll want to come back you have to create space between you. Give her what she said she wanted and hang out with some other women. Lack of space between you removes any need for her to have to decide what she really wants.

    • yea that's what I thought she'll enjoy both worlds.give her space will its going to be hard.but ill try.thank you.

    • It's the kind of situation where emotions cloud everyone's judgement. Just have to keep telling yourself that clearer heads are needed on both sides to figure this out.