Guys, are you a perfectionist in searching for a girl you date? in this situation what are your responses?

I mean everyone has their own type, but let's say that you want someone with a great character, a well mannered girl, and you're a type of guy who'll put a girl into your 'blacklist' if you saw a simple flaws in her character. But then you find this girl who got this super bad characters and such a messed up etiquette, but you choose to get to know her, fixed her bad attitude, and you ended up caring a little bit too much about her. Even though there are lots of pretty and well mannered gal around you, you stick with her instead, do you honestly love her? Without changing her into your stereotype (although you still change her bad attitude because it annoys people around her, and you don't want her to be hated by her friends)?


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  • So confused to be honest.. So this guy is very picky, you're 'bad mannered' compared to other girls he might normally date? Some examples would really help "super bad characters and such a messed up etiquette" is almost as broad as classifying things in the plant/animal groups.

    • Super bad mannered and messed up etiquette, hmm, in his opinion, I'm an immature, stone-headed, never listens for anyone's advice, and everything's centered around me ._. That's what I mean by bad characters, umm, yeah, he'd normally date mature girls. Wonder why he would stick around with me, does he really love me or something? ._. What do you think? Kinda feel insecure ._.

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    • Actually, I acted even more selfish around him. He said that I never heard his opinions, I treated him in a crazy and bizarre way, he never understands me, etc. Well, but he also said that it's impossible to ignore me -_- umm, his friend told me. He had this tendencies to 'blacklist' girls with even the slightest of flaws in front of him. Don't know what is so different about me... ._.

    • Maybe he sees something in you he doesn't in other girls. Personally I see stuck up snobby girls everywhere and would prefer someone more real that I can actual have a somewhat interesting conversation with. Forgot to mention most guys are with girls they find attractive so don't feel really insecure. I find it's easier to just 'keep your head up.' Than worry what every random person thinks, I still try to be friendly and nice to people though. I don't believe in changing people but manners


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  • I don't see the point in trying to change someone. They'll only change if they want to, not for your own benefit.

  • I am probably more of a perfectionist than the average guy..but not nearly so much as some...I think that compatibility is under discussed and under appreciated...and to me...personality compatibility is the top of the tree...sexual compatibility is close but not as important...look...none of it matters if you cannot live with your partner...(:(:(:

    • Everyone who knows me and him said that we're like a mirror, an exact opposites. Far from compatible. We fought almost every week, disagree even in such a small thing, etc .____.

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    • I enjoy being with him though ._. He's nice (when he's trying to), although sometimes he's exaggerating and causing our argument to turn into one of those dramas -_- but well, I enjoy being with him :9

    • Only you can does not sound to me like you have met your soulmate...and, based on your dialogue...I would not recommend marriage...I am an advocate of the concept----> When it seems right...then it is...

  • I think women are more of the perfectionists the men. the guy as to be either super cute or hot looking, have a good paying job etc. to get a date.

    • I agree, even me did that, and to be honest only some of his qualities were on my type of guy, such as he's playing the piano. But that's it *just realize it now*, nothing else, I don't even know why I'd date him? :/ I guess because he cares about me...

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