Differentiating between a date and a hangout?

how does a girl know the difference between you asking her out on a date and you just wanting to hangout and get to know each other better? Isn't it weird to ask a girl out if you haven't even met in person before and don't really know much about each other?


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  • if I ask a guy if he wants to do something, I don't think f it as a date, & don't mean for him to either. likewise if he asks me to do something, I don't think of it as a date. I don't think id think of anything as a date--as I don't date. unless the guy said do you want to go on a date.

    point being. I think what she will think about what you say, has much more to do with how she thinks about what you are saying, than how you think about what you are saying.

    unless of course you are specifically clear. to avoid confusion, say date if you mean date. say hang out, if you mean hang out.,


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  • I'm a girl and have been SOOOO Confused by this too. But some(the very cocky guys) will just flat out say "Maybe we can go out sometime?" But I wanna know the obvious too

  • I guess you just tell her "Hey lets hang out..."

    Or if it is a date, you'd probably say "would you like to go for a coffee/to dinner with me" I guess she will know it's a date then.


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