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Are there any dating websites that don't cost money?

it seems like dating websites I go on they always say the credit card thing its like I'm on the site to meet people not to waste money and I don't... Show More

and free chat as well

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  • badoo ? not really sure if you need to pay for it or not.

  • oasisactive is 100% free :)

    • thx and doe sit have chat to

    • yeah it does,the chat is free :),you just send people requests and if they accept your request,they go straight onto your chat list and you can talk for free :)

What Guys Said 2

  • If you are the brainy or artistic type you might try:


    I've heard some people have had luck on craigslist.org, but honestly, there's a lot of spam and very creepy people on there.

  • Plentyoffish.com. Completely free to use (im on it) and the only thing you might pay for, is to be an upgraded member, and the only thing that does is put you higher in the search. Free Chat, Free emails, really good website.

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