What does it mean when girls are playfully mean?

Seriously, what is up with that. It seems like 2 out of 3 girls I meet have this attitude and this way of talking to me. They obviously like talking to me, because they always initiate conversations when I'm just minding my business, but they are always calling me names and stuff. I don't mind it one bit, I tease them back and stuff and we have a lot of fun but it makes it hard to figure out if they are interested or not, especially when they are nice to everybody else BUT me.

So I'm there, minding my business and I get called lazy or drama queen or little kid or whatever name they can come up with while they keep giggling or smiling non-stop and looking at me. I am very at ease and relaxed but I wonder "Why?" what do the other guys around me have that they get the nice personality from them(although somewhat in autopilot) and I get all the sass and sarcastic "bullying" that we have these long blattle of wits and comical improvisation and comebacks that couldn't be better if they were rehearsed, I guess since we know each other so well and we know how to respond...Why are girls like this? Does it mean they are comfortable? Guys respect me and don't go around calling me crap the way women do, its like they enjoy it so much and I enjoy it, but why must it be like this? anybody knows?


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  • She's probably trying to flirt and it's coming out all wrong. She is probably quite comfortable with you and feels she can have a good laugh with you. I wouldn't take it to heart. It's probably just her way of playfully trying to tease you.

    • Nah, I don't take it seriously and we have a laugh. I just want to know what makes her act like that since she is a nice, polite and sweet girl. People laugh when I tell them (jokingly) that I'm scared of her since she looks so innocent but deep down, well, you know haha.

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    • Hahaha damn, I bet he didn't see the flirting for what it was :P. see? I'm mot the only guy confused by that kind of female behavior lol. If a teacher gets involved you know it isn't working lol

    • haha hey! we are dealing with one dating problem at a time ok? :P hehe well... OK fine. you aren't. But you can't say that you guys don't play those sorta 'mind' games either, because you do. Oh boy you do! haha. I know what isn't working? lol

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  • Really? You made it to at least 25 and you have no idea what that means?

    • I know what it means when its constant with everybody. Like a girl having a playful personality and that's just how she expresses herself, its a friendly thing. However, when I get singled out most of the time and everybody else gets a somewhat nicer attitute towards them, makes me wonder what exactly is wrong. if this one girl goes around complimenting people in being smart, funny or being able to add 2+2 but all I get is "dont hurt your arm patting yourself in the back so much"something is off

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    • Well, for one thing (and I think I should've mentioned it) whenever I'm just saying hello or making small talk to the girl I mentioned, she closes off and gives me one word answers. I try to joke or something and she says "you know I don't find you funny" or "stop trying to come up with things to make small talk with me,I know what you are doing" (she smiles when she says it, but still) and it seems the only way she is comfortable with me is by being a sarcastic smartass and "mean"

    • You keep answering your own question