Is he crazy or is this normal? Red flag?

So there's this guy that is a friend of my friend's boyfriend that just started talking to me on Facebook. We eventually started texting and he seemed really interested in me, asking me lots of questions about myself, basically just trying to get to know me better, and he's really nice and sweet. Just after two days of talking he told me he really liked me and told me he was crazy about me, couldn't stop thinking about me, and wanted us to meet up sometime, and started talking about how he would make me the happiest girl alive if we ever got together. I just feel like it's so early, I understand lust at first sight and falling for someones personality because it has happened to me before, but he's very direct about it. Despite that, my friend told me he's really respectful and he's gone out to clubs while in a relationship and didn't touch or talk to other girls. He's been in a two year relationship without sex either. He told me he wanted to take things slow but he felt like I was exactly what he was looking for and apologized for being a little fast with me. What do you guys think? Is this a red flag or should I overlook it and keep talking to him anyways? Thanks everyone :)


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  • remain in touch but don't meet up until you know a little more about him, you need to see how he reacts when you turn him down a few times, because if his interest is genuine, he won't change and will still enjoy talking to you, so leave it a while and keep knocking him back when he asks to meet up, and be wary about guys who are full on to quickly, a lot of the time, they are only after one thing, stay safe,x

    • You have a point, thanks for the advice ! x


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  • Your description of him answers your question... he's a sexually inexperienced person and has an innocence about him. Respectful, 2 years without sex... sounds like a lovely lad but will be hard work, believe me, I once was this person, caused me a lot of problems with girls as my behavior was exactly how you've just described... CLUELESS

    • I'm not sure if he's fully inexperienced but I never thought about it like that! Thanks for your answer :)

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  • He sounds like he's crazy. If it were me, I'd run the other way! Either he is just trying to impress you (doing a bad job of it) or he is crazy obsessive.

    Idk...but if it were me I would no go out with this guy. Seems too obsessive, too forward, too much for not really knowing him yet.

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