Can you help me interpret why he's doing what he's doing?

So I'm talking with this guy for three weeks straight like constantly. Then winds down because we do have our own lives and I'm cool with that but then it's been about a week and he can't find it within himself to answer a text? Then he sends me a single <3 and a text. I text back a couple hours later when I get home. Ignores me again for like two days. Sends me another text telling me he's in the theatres with a pretty girl and that he hopes I'm jealous -_- Then while we're online playing games, he enters the chat party with our mutual friends, knowing I'm there and proceeds to talk "AROUND" me instead of right to me. I invite a guy friend of mine that he doesn't like and gets mad when I pay him attention. Then I leave and apparently my friends tell me he was silent the entire night. Like WTF, you've been ignoring me! He only gets mad when I'm talking to other guys but if I talk to him directly, he rambles weird things and doesn't listen, asking me, "Sorry, what did you say?". He sent me another message yesterday after ignoring me again for two days saying Nope randomly to an old message I sent him (like a week ago) saying that I missed his d*** and that he should show it some love for me @_@ it was said in humor. Then I asked, Nope to what? He replies Chuck Testa @_@ I had to YouTube what the hell that was and seriously, wtf is up with this guy? Can anyone help me interpret this behavior?


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  • He's a jerk. He clearly thinks girls like jerks.

    Well? Do you?


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  • HES JUST A DOUCHE BAG. Just say f*** it and move on. Some people aren't worth your time.