Girls: Would you still text your guy friend if he was in a relationship?

I'm curious to know if some girls would do this or not. Is it wrong to text a guy who has a girlfriend already even though y'all are just friends but had a slight crush on him? Of course the text convos would be casual btw..

So would you, or would you not? Why or why not?


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  • I have close guy friends and none of them have ever dated the jealous type, so yeah, I don't cut off my friendship just because he has a girlfriend. I've wondered what I would do if they did date someone who has a problem with it, but that's their decision.

    If I had a slight crush on him, I would probably just try to get my feelings in check :P


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  • My Girlfriend is the insecure type and to be honest

    She gets a B*tch fit evrytime a girl texts me

    with a simple hi or what's up lol SH thinks they are

    trying to get at me lol N I have lost a few friendships

    due to this. Although she has calmed down more about

    this. She understands it's okay for girls to just say Hi every

    now and than.


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  • I have. Let me just say... his girlfriend didn't take it the easy way, considering the fact that she was back then a very good friend of mine.

  • many of my guy friends have a spouse, yes I text them because they are my friends and I would never cheat or give them the idea I want to be romantic with them

  • Every thing is cool until they get that one insecure girlfriend who doesn't want them to have female friends. I used to have a friend and we were best buds, but then his chick started getting all crazy so we stopped the friendship there. I know it sucks but oh well, he isn't the only friend, there's more people in the world.

  • yup. I have plenty of guy friends with gf's that I text. as long as you're not hanging out one on one in an intimate setting with the guy I see no problem with it.

    • Oh ok...

      So why do you think its OK to hang out with the guy despite you're going out as friends?