Why do I seem to have such a bad luck in dating?

It seems that I am cursed or something, I don't have luck with women. I seem to find bad women, I rarely get dates, the girls that I like don't like me, rejections and more rejections, girls rarely compliment me or look at me. I haven't have a girlfriend yet either. I am not sure what I am doing wrong, I mean I am pretty confident, funny, I think I am at least average, the only thing I can thing of that is bad of me is my short height.


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  • Are you good looking? What is the hottest girl you've ever had date you, and what do the girls who are usually interested in you look like? It's more about looks than most guys think. Personalitty does have something to do with it but it's not the only thing we judge you by too

    • I am guess I am OK, I am no model though


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  • You might just be a late bloomer. You might just need someone who's unique like you are. There's so many people out there, its only a matter of time :)

    You mentioned rejection after rejection... Is there a pattern? I bet we could tell you what the real reason is behind what they said...

    • they never tell me what is wrong, or actually reject me, they always make an excuse not to go out.

    • possibly a chemistry/attraction missing... maybe talk to a trusted female friend and see where you could improve :)

  • Sounds like a bad luck streak. Unless you really aren't confident and you're attracting the money-grubbing vulture girls (ew), I cannot think of any other explanations. You sound like a decent guy from your writing (not blaming feminism = major brownie points for me haha).

    Maybe it's your area? Honestly, meeting the right person is purely chance.

    Best of luck, man. There are cool girls out there who love shorter guys!

  • It is the same for me recently guys seem uninterested but I think it just a phase. It will get better don't look and you will find


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