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I'm sort of dating (not official) this girl. We both admit we like each other etc, but we're both afraid of commitment so we're just playing it cool and going slow. I asked her down a while back..and she said that she didn't want a sudden seriousness because she's afraid etc. Anyway a week went on and I asked again, and she said yes! She said she was really excited etc but then she had to cancel due to work..but never made a make up plan. I asked her again, and it's back to the seriousness stuff..I think I might of scared her a little. Please don't give me the she doesn't like me stuff because I told her I wanted to know if this was going anywhere and if she wasn't interested she can tell me now. She assured me she does like me and is interested, but needs time because she's not ready for seriousness. I'm not ready either, but coming down isn't like I'm asking her out! What should I do?

Note; she's the hard to get type, and is really shy. She hardly talks to guys...

*bonus question*

She says like when we're together in person she finds it awkward, but when we're texting or online it's fine. She also said that it's not she doesn't want to be around me, but she doesn't know what to say/do. What does this mean?

Thanks everyone!


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  • She's a little awkward, she needs time with you but, maybe just talk about stuff other then, asking her questions. Talk about what movies she likes or news or hobbies. I guess it's hard for her to open up. Especiall if she's shy. But you should do it in person. Save the online stuff for when in person. Because by then, we both have said enough. So when she gets together, she feels like she's said enough. I can see someone shy doing that.


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  • Sounds like she just is getting used to dating. She probably isn't confident enough or feels confident enough about herself to feel comfortable while being with you. Give it time. But you should also be more direct. if you want to ask her out, say " hey I want to take you on a date". Don't be vague. Girls appreciate it when a guy is straightforward and clear. It makes for less confusion. Dating's hard enough. Good luck.


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  • just give it time bro.