Permission to cry? The love of my life is moving away.

The girl I love is leaving moving and I probably won't see her ever again. What should I do please give me advice

I use facetime and we instant message an she loves someone else not me even after I got hwr Valentine's we talk tell 11:00 or 12:00 everynight te person she like rarly does because she tells me


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  • Cry if you feel you must. Release your feelings, its okay and perfectly normal.

    If you and her love is strong enough then it can conquer all.

    This will not be the breaking point of your relationship if you both are committed to staying together.

    -Get her new address write letters back and forth

    -Make plans to vacation where she is (or vice versa).

    -See each other on webcam

    -Speak on the phone and text regularly.

    • @update: Since the feelings are not mutual, you need to get over her.

      Cease contact and communication with her. This is very unhealthy.


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  • well you can still keep in touch with her. I moved to America from Europe and I am so upset and hurt that some people never kept in touch with me. it hurts because I still go back to visit and I can't even see them or talk to them because we lost touch. but don't obsess over her. if you know for a fact that she likes someone else, then try to forget her and find a diff girl for yourself. you two can still be friends tho


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  • Well just because she is moving away doesn't mean you can't talk to her or see her. Do you use Skype? Maybe you should suggest it. But if it is going to be hard for you to ever be with her seriously might just be best to move on. Nothing will heal this pain/hurt more than time and distance. You're still young there will be many more girls. It's 100% fine to be emotional now, but know you'll get past this. Keep your head up

  • move on dude, she is a dead end.

    • it takes some time but you gotta make an effort to move on or else you could waste a lot of precious time out of your life grieving over this.

  • You're friendzoned. Leave her alone!