Is this sketchy? I need to know!

My boyfriends neighbor is this girl I don't like. He liked some of her pictures on Facebook and I saw. I brought it up and he said "what pictures?" ..I go back and look and he unliked sketchy?


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  • sketchy as sh*t...

    youre under 18, my suggestion is to be single until after college...thats just my personal opinion - so glad I was and everyone that was in a relationship is either over, there is ONE couple out of I couldn't tell you how many that are married now and ahve been togehter since high school...

    stastistics show this relationship won't work...


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  • He is hiding something or feels he needs to, so next time, just say, I saw you like those pics of your neighbour, but before, get proof, because then you can really show him up,x

  • That is pretty sketchy. The fact that some guy is dating a girl that doesn't let him "like" pictures on Facebook? Gives me the willies!

    • But he said he deleted her cause she kept asking about us.. He never deleted her.

    • Because he doesn't want to delete her

    • That's why I'm asking if it was sketchy or thanks for your answer

  • hella sketchy. he wants her hoohoo.


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  • WOW...Let me break it down for you. Here we go. He is probably friends with her since they're neighbors. He liked a picture or two of hers on Facebook. (Oh the horror!) And now he has unliked them because he got the vibe that you were uncomfortable about it. He's being a good boyfriend. You are being crazy.

    • Yeah? LOL okay. No one asked you to comment even if you could.

    • I did're just nuts. You can't dictate who he talks to on Facebook...if you feel that insecure about it, I suggest you remove yourself from the dating world for a few years.