She is so hard to read, do you think she will eventually give in?

I met this girl in a nightclub, started talking and flirting however nothing happened. Messaged her a few days later asking if shed be interested in going for a drink she said she'd love too. Took her out for a drink and for a meal and paid, I made sure she didn't spend a penny. Whislt we were walking across the street she'd hold my hand, wrap her arm round mine and wrap her arms around me and squeeze me...Eventually we went back to mine as we had time to spare before going clubbing (she wanted to go clubbing). Whilst at my house she'd lay on my bed and she's allow me to kiss her cheek, her neck and she'd flirt a little too and be really touching. She has a boyfriend so every time I went in for the proper kiss on the lips she'd turn away and say she can't. Her boyfriend is in another country so she previously said she can do what she wants and that she doesn't worry about what he does and doesn't think he worries about her.

Do you think she will eventually give in, I don't want to date her just want to get with her and I'm up for the shag? Or am I wasting my time?


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  • You shouldn't even want a girl that's behaving that way with you when she has a boyfriend. That is promiscuous and doesn't say a lot about her personality. How would you feel if you were her boyfriend and she was doing that with another guy? Not a quality girl!


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  • Let her be. She doesn't what the same thing that you want. I think if you just want to have fun and need someone to go out with call her up. But other than that, if you want a relationship she is not the one for you to be in one with.


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  • yeah buddy, stick with her. become her new boyfriend. when you'll be out of town she will say the same thing to some other guy.

    she's a real keeper.

    • Just want the shag, wondering if she'll eventually give in or if I'm wasting time..

  • careful here man
    She's the typical "out of site out of mind" type leave her alone for a second and she/ll be on a new man
    While she might be a one night stand, knowing she has a boyfriend...
    "will he respect me in the morning?" answer is NO