So if she's not making an effort to see me again, it's over right?

We went on a date. When I asked her for the second one a few weeks later she said "we'll see". That's what she said for the first date and then she ended up going. Well, for the second one, I didn't hear from her for four days, then I asked again and she had a legit excuse. I waited another few weeks (in the interim she wished me happy birthday), asked her, and she pulled the "I'll let you know" and basically never did.

So she's putting me off, right? I would've gotten the hint earlier, only that she pulled the same thing for the first date and ended up going so I thought that's how she was.


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  • Dont ask again find something else to occupy your mind some people don't like it when you constantly ask them questions that they are not sure of or like to be chased, let her chase you. If not go out with someone else.

    • well, that's why I waited 2 or 3 weeks before talking to her again. So I wouldn't be constantly asking her.

    • then its time to move on. Don't be surprise if she contacts you when you start talking to someone else. This is her lost not yours1


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  • yeah she likes the attention your giving her but, she's not interested, since you didn't contact her for awhile she missed the attention so she said happy birthday to you, to remind you she's still there, but in the big picture your just a buffer for her to make her feel good to know there's someone who wants her, sorry

  • Yeah she probably is ...there's other girls though don't worry!(:


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