I was too good for her? Where do I go wrong?

I am 25 I never had any former relationship till I was 23 as I never trusted my instincts enough to ask anyone out. my first "relationship" lasted all of two weeks and ended with her telling me I was too good for her and she was to used to being treated badly, this seems to have been the theme for the next few relationships, I can't seem to figure out what to do.


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  • Your ex was just not ther right one for you. There is one out there for you so don't worry too much. The time will come when its time. Its fine when someone tells you "your too good for her". She's probably really use to being treated badly and did not expect someone to treat her so well. If you really do love her, then you should fix that "too use to being treated badly problem" and allow her to understand that your imperfect too. Hopefully she sees your imperfectness because no one is perfect in this world. You shouldn't settle your mind on the idea that "this seems to have been the theme for the next few relationships" because when you do that, you'll continue to believe that and have little faith in your next relationships. Don't make assumptions and lock that thought in your mind!

    • Thanks. I was only with her a couple weeks but was with my last girlfriend for over three months, she said pretty much the same thing :-(. I never keep any expectations in my head and started every relationship with a clear head as it were.


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  • "You're too good or me" sounds like a bull excuse, IMO. She probably just wasn't feeling the chemistry, but gave it a good try with you because you were someone with such a great personality. I personally believe in lust before love haha. Find a girl who finds you sexy (and vice versa) and date her.

    • Thankyou. I'd actually forgotten about this. I have now been in a relationship for nearly a year and all is good, she is amazing and never fails to make me smile. She's five years younger than me and I'm her first boyfriend but she has her head screwed on :-).

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  • Keep doing what you're doing. Women at younger ages are used to the immaturity. Once you end up finding a WOMAN and not a girl, they will get on it like chicken dinner.

    • Thanks. I tend to go for older women for that reason.