Should you pay when hanging out with a female friend if the hang out idea was yours?

So if you're a guy and you know a girl that is just a friend of yours and you suggest a place to hang out with her should you pay for the entire hang out or should she pay for her half and you pay for yours since it's not a date? Like for example you go eat lunch with her. What do you guys think. PS I give best answer :)

ok well I'll just let her pay. That's good cause I'm cheap anyways. lol


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  • let her pay for herself, if we opt to go Dutch, that is we pay for items we buy for ourselves.


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  • Each pays for themself

    • will she think it's a date if I pay for her?

    • Depends on the girl I guess. Usually when a male friend tries to pay for me, I worry that he is trying to turn it into a date or he may think that I am using him. I never let my guy friends pay

  • as a "just friend'' you pay for yours only, let her pay for her half


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  • if I decide the place to hang out, and that place

    requires money, then I'll pay the bill..

    it'd be rude to just [insert action] in front

    of the other person

    but that is just what I think.. ^-^

  • I always pay for the meal, dinner, outing, regardless. I have been raised to treat ladies with the utmost respect and believe that includes taking the financial initiative. And even if it is not about respect, it is my idea and I am always prepared to pay. You cannot take the money with you and it's not like you're buying them a vacation, it's usually only an additional $20 tapped onto your bill, pocket change.