What do guys think if a girl insists to pay for dinner on a date?

So me and this guy, went out for about 2 dates. He's one year older but we're both students. He works thogh, and so I guess he does have more money to spend, but I always offer to pay. Like if we get coffee, watch a movie, eat dinner, get ice cream, I don't want him to pay the WHOLE thing Because I don't know I just feel really bad, and I don't know what to do or say, when he just pays the whole thing. But he ALWAYS insists to pay everything, the movie, dinner, coffee, icecream, and he gives the money to the cashier while I take out my wallet and smiles at me. so on the second date, like he always does he tried to pay the whole thing;; so I got my money ready and payed dinner before he did and he was like 'no;;;' but than I just said 'you can pay for desert :)' . but than I just wondered do guys like it when girls wanna pay for stuff? not like EVERYTHING but if your out and you guys eat dinner,watch a movie, get desert, and the girls willing to pay for dinner or the movie. any thoughts? its not about the money itself, but more of the attitude. thanks :)


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  • The asker is generally the one who pays. Since the guy is always the asker, he pays most of the time which has developed to be a sense of pride to be the one paying for the woman. It's a sense of treating your woman right. Most guys won't mind if you offer to buy the popcorn for the movies or drinks, maybe even splitting the restaurant bill but if he does, just let him pay lest he's having money problems.


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  • Yes it's about the attitude. And yes, you should keep offering, but that's just good manners.

    Personally, I like it when a woman invites me to dinner sometimes or to a drink. We live in a modern and equal society. Nothing wrong with taking turns here.

  • you could always offer

    to split the bill.. ^-^

    • if that guy is like me, then he'll get

      kind of like a lump in the throat when

      people pays for him.. lol ^-^

    • would you not like it if the girl wants to pay for either the whole movie or dinner? considerning the guy payed for other stuff like icecream, themepark etc

    • maybe for dinner or icecreams, but not

      the big/expensive things.. ^-^

  • I would think damn she is pretty cool.

  • i would like splitting the bill

    • yea, I always offer, but he always insists :/ so I have to like pay before he notices;; ha ha howd you feel if a girl payed for the dinner? and you payed for the movie, deserts before.

    • id like it a lot

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