So Lost please help!!?

so I've been dating this guy for five months and he's been a great boyfriend everything was going well up until these past couple of weeks. He told me something that really upset me and when I told him he just continued to mock me about it. but anyway I'm also an only child and he comes from a family of seven so needless to say that I am super attached to the kids ages 8-15 and the parents who love me and I love them. They even call me their sister in public and refer to me as their daughter. but yeah so yesterday he broke up with me and I took it really hard. I didn't know why at first I thought it was because of the fammily but I mean even though I love them so much I know that isn't it. I wasn't even mad or upset that he was breaking up with me as a boyfriend, but over the last month I've come to realize he's my best friend and people have even told me we act more like best friends than boyfriend and girlfriend. So yesterday when he was breaking up with me he said that I couldn't like text him or talk to him for at least a week and I took that especially hard because it's like my best friend is standing there looking me in the face telling me that he doesn't want to see me anymore. I cried a lot. a ridiculous amount really, He also told me I couldn't come to his house for at least a month. but this morning when I woke up I felt a lot better...until I saw him today at the store. We had an awkward small talk but it was just because he felt awkard which I knew because his mom and I are close and she told me this morning. But like now I don't know what to do because we live in the same neighborhood, so I will see him alot, and also I know he needs space and I can understand that but I don't know how to get back into his life after a week or so...I don't want to annoy him. please help!

haha and I'm 17 by the way going into college this fall. And before the college comments start we are going to the same college.


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  • If you are the age your profile states then you have a lot of learning to do. One is to learn to break ties permanently.

    When you run into to him do not talk or even acknowledge him for a while till you get over your feelings for him.


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  • jeez. you broke up. that's it. what do you want to know? not sure your age but ya need to move on.


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  • ah, you don't get back in his life, you keep doing something different. say hi to his family when you see them, small talk and move on. With him, I'd only smile and then move on.

  • I no watcha me every one says the same thinggs about me and. My boyfrind to but its kinda diffrent thow because my byfrind didn't breakup with me but people were tellin him try to make him jealous and. Like tell him you got a new boyfriend and. Say there a bunch of. Boys who been tryin to date you for a while

  • Drop the jerk.