She just wants to be friends?

I've been meeting with this girl for about 2 months, everything's hitting off really well and I can tell that she really likes me and I really like her too, but then she told me that she would like to be friends and it just holds back since. She said it's because of the past relationship and she doesn't want to date anyone just yet. We talk everyday and do things pretty much like a couple would do (going out together, watching movie, etc. but not physical stuff though, we hold hands like once or twice but never after we talk about being friends.) I feel really strong about her but I'm not really sure if she's just toying with me or if I should keep on hoping.


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  • No girl or guy would toy with someone if they say they just want to wait. Past experiences are very traumatic, believing that if you give everything to someone, they'd stay. But unfortunately no matter how hard you try to give or change, that person may not stay. So she's trying to know you better, and it's up to you if you want to wait for her.

    You'll get good karma and patience points for waiting for her even if you end up not being with her. If you're too anxious and will be hurt if you don't end up with her, then let her know that and stay specifically friends or break it off.

    Guys usually tell a girl "I love you" after six months, there are couples who waits after 20 years of dating to get married, there are fake girlfriends who get jealous of you if you have another fake girlfriend. Time and emotions varies. It's what you want to do and be that will affect what can happen, but not the outcome.


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  • That's a tough one man. She could just be dragging you along. Are you treating her like a GF. Paying for dinners, movies, etc? If she just wants to be friends, then you have to respect that. If it hurts too much because of how you feel, then well its up to you. You might want to create a little space between each other, if you do feel super strong. That might also make her more receptive to your feelings.