Me and my ex both have feelings for each other but

she has a boyfriend and she has stronger feelings for him. Now the hard part is that me and her are best friends. Should I just leave and tell her I can't stand being her friend now that I have rediscovered my feelings for her or just ignore them and hope she breaks up with her bf?


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  • i think that as long as you make sure that you are not crossing the line you can remain friends with her. I had a similar situation but I was the girl with the boyfriend. my ex and I were so close and we talked about everything but then he crossed the line by asking if I would kiss him next time we hung out. that led to my having to say goodbye to him and ending our relationship. so, its completely fine if your friends with her as long as you make sure not to cross the line

  • If you can be friends with her while she is with this guy then be friends because you probably won't be with her but if you cant. you shouldn't be her friend but be happy for her and occasionally say hi but you should try to move on...


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