Need to know if this is a good or bad

ok so I told this girl how I feel about her and she hasn't replied back to me she's just quiet...did I screw it up...she's my friend by the way

well so now it's been a day because I asked her at 2pm Tuesday it's now 2pm reply from her. I really don't know what runs through a girls head but man does it feeling no having any power
ok so I texted her today and she replied but it feels weird, I don't know if she feels the same way too


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  • She's thinking about it you may have surprised her so she needs to think of the good and bad of changing your relationship, as well as she has to think of her own feelings towards you

    • me and her are friends and I've treated as if she was my girlfriend and she didn't say anything infact we alway have a great time togther, you know when she's sad I make her smile

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    • i wont, right now gotta see what happens

    • so I texted her today and she replied back, but she didn't bring it up, it felt odd talking to her today


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  • Well how long has it been since you told her?

    • well I told her around 2pm in the afternoon, it's now 7pm

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    • Argh that's so frustrating. I wish I was her friend so I could shake some sense into her :P Avoidance sucks.

    • i know, its a horrible feeling because you know you've given the person the upper hand and they know your weakness..i really wish I could read her mind

  • It could go either way. Maybe she is thinking of a way to let you down easy, making you wait is not the way to do it, but anyway, or she is trying not to look to either. Sorry I am no help but it really can go either way.

    • 50/50, I don't get her hoping it goes well

    • I hope so too. Good luck. Sorry I meant to say she might not want to look too eager.

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  • yes, you f***ed it up. completely.

    this is your second strike.

    strike #1 is being friends with her

    strike #2 you told her about your feelings

    complete disaster.

    remember for the next time; if you want to date her, don't become her (girl)friend, and don't talk about feelings with women.

  • Sounds like an utter completely diaster but, all you can do is ask at a later date.

  • wait longer than ask