What to do on a first date?

So, I asked the guy I like out for coffee. And...he said yes! I am so happy! And excited. And...nervous. What should I do? What should I wear? This isn't my first date. I've been on dates with a guy before.

Advice would be appreciated.


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  • A first date should be casual and relaxing, yet fun, as well as an opportunity to get to know someone. Talking is best, so Coffee was a good choice.

    As for your questions, it's pretty simple. What you should do is just be yourself, have fun, talk to him about whatever, and keep conversation rolling. Regarding what to wear, you just dress nice. Something pretty, something comfortable or casual. Whatever you wear basically sets the tone. If you just want tog et to know him a little better, and have a nice casual first date, you just dress casually and pretty, in something comfortable that also compliments your looks. Cleavage never hurts, but it's not necessary.

    Anyway just talk to him. Flirt with him. Get to know him. Let him get to know you. Be nice. Be yourself. Relax and have fun, and just talk to him like you would anyone else. But you don't need to be nervous. Being shy isn't so bad though. Just so long as it doesn't entirely hinder what you have to say. Don't worry about being perfect. It's OK to make mistakes. It can be really endearing. Anyway, I'm sure you'll do fine. Don't worry.

    Good luck out there.

    (Also in the meantime if you have any more questions, feel free to ask.)


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  • Just do activities and wear clothes that make you comfortable. Letting him get to know the real you is the best way to find out about him and see if there is a mutual connection. Have fun!

  • From a guys point of view.. Just be yourself.. Out for coffee, and in this heat... A nice pair of shorts, nice sandals (make sure your feet look nice!) and a killer little summer shirt, not too revealing but one that shows your ALL woman...

  • don't try too hard


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  • you should wear a cute summer dress (assuming the weather is nice where you are right now)

    ask questions to get to know them. don't be afraid to get a bit flirty :)

    have fun!