How long to wait to call him?

My ex from a year ago wants me back. I just broke up with my boyfriend and my ex told me to call him as soon as I break up with him. Should I wait a week or two before I call him so I don't look like a jerk.


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  • That's actually really funny, I never thought a guy would tell his ex that. You two already agree beforehand to get back together? Since I'd assume that's pretty controlling of him don't you think.

    To answer your question, call him when you're ready.

    • Controlling is the last thing he is but I guess it comes off that way on here.

    • Without much context, things here often times come off in very different ways.

    • agreed


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  • Why do you care what your ex thinks about you?


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  • no time limit. If I were you I let him wait awhile (but not too long) until you ready to start over again.

  • Really you're turning him into a rebound. And rebounds don't last long. I would wait tip you are fully healed and ready.

    • Healed from what? I broke up with my last boyfriend because I had no feelings for him and I didn't want to lead him on. I dated him because I thought I could develop feelings for him but it just didn't happen.

    • Oh well I didn't know any of this. Just satin because right now I'm on the sh*t recording end of the stick and found out I was made into a rebound by my boyfriend and it sucks. But if there was no feelings then go ahead and call him.

    • *sayin *receiving. Damn autocorrect